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Surpassing our dreams!
Hi Steve,

Just wanted to send you this quick note to say thank you so much for giving Frankie and Mimi the opportunity to start their life together in Sonoma in the MacArthur property. We so much appreciate your kindness and generosity and it is such a gift to us to finally have them nearby.
When we moved to Florida four years ago, our family was very spread out across the country. We never could have imagined that one day we would live in the Armstrong Estates let alone that our son and his family would live so close by in another Ledson home!!

We feel very blessed for all the wonderful things that are happening for the Bourne family right now and we have you to thank for all you have done for us.
From our very first meeting with you when we discussed your building us a home, we felt that you really had a good grasp on what our wish list would include.
Now watching each and every detail being installed and surpassing our wildest dreams, and to now be accepting that it is not just a vision but our new home, literally brings us to tears.
You and your crew have exceeded and continue to exceed every possible expectation. Looking forward to many great times together and to giving back to the Sonoma community.

Thank you again for everything,
- Frank and Liz
Arts & Crafts Design
"Key phrases or words we'd use to describe our Ledson Arts & Crafts style home are: design, craftsmanship, proportions, overall execution and woodwork. This is about our 10th house and this is without a doubt our best house.

This Arts & Crafts home is very true architecturally to the basic Arts & Crafts design. Original Arts & Crafts homes were well executed but relatively small with low ceilings. Our place has 10-foot high ceilings on both floors, but it looks absolutely right. Steve came to the conclusion that it was all about proportions. So, all of our doors and windows are custom size and that makes the 10-foot ceilings look like an original Arts & Crafts home. People look at it and say, 'Is this a new home or an old home?' He's totally true to the design era.

The craftsmanship includes solid mahogany walls and Brazilian floors. Wainscoting and the trim baseboards are furniture-like. We hear that all the time, 'The woodwork finish is like furniture.' That's true of all his homes. We socialize with a lot of people in Armstrong Estates and it's not just our house, the workmanship is exquisite in all.

I have recommended Ledson homes to friends. You can find less expensive square footage, but you're not going to get a better real estate value. Houses like this aren't made anymore. They're worth the price. This is a unique design, unique materials, exquisite execution and it will hold its value and appreciate. It's for people who love that quality experience. Every time you drive up your driveway, you look at it and it's beautiful from every angle."
- Paul and Melissa Matson
"This is my second Ledson home, I bought it in 1999. The other home was a traditional style; this is a Victorian. It was a different style, but the quality was the same.

It's not a typical residential house. It's inherently high quality, from the way the foundation is designed and the walls are constructed, to the doors, which are all on two pairs of hinges, they're thicker than normal doors. There's custom molding throughout; the floors are special. The appliances, of course, are the very best. They did an excellent job of designing the house to keep it true to what it was, a copy of a house from 1912.

When we talk about quality, people really don't understand. This is really superb, it would be hard to find duplicated. The sheet-rocked walls, for example, are not textured; they're smooth which requires a tremendous amount of skill to do. Typical houses have textured walls to cover up the irregularities. These are all smooth and that gives a great appearance. It emulates the lath and plaster, the way houses were built originally.

There's no comparison at all between Ledson homes and other homes. I've recommended Ledson homes to a friend, who bought one."
- Lynn Barr
Peaceful and Tranquil
"I've lived in my Ledson home for seven years. It's five bedrooms and about 4000 square feet. My favorite room is the master bedroom, which looks out to the pool and lawn. The first floor is light, airy, gorgeous and restful. I also like my sunny office.

The best things about my Ledson home are the craftsmanship, the lightness, tall ceilings, and classic moldings. It's simple, yet elegant. It's the highest quality of home and that appeals to me. It's not over the top, just well constructed and beautiful.

I'd recommend buying a Ledson home to friends. This is a great neighborhood. It's safe, peaceful and tranquil, yet one mile from the plaza. You can't beat it."
- Brenda Lhormer
Queen Anne Victorian
"We've lived in our home seven years. It's a great neighborhood for children. We like the attention to detail and the level of craftsmanship that we haven't seen in other homes.

We love the master bedroom. It has amazing views and a nice sitting area. We have a wonderful kitchen, which is big, with an island, granite countertops, glass door cupboards and a great open feel. One thing we also like is the front porch, which faces east. We have side porches, a back porch and two balconies, so there are a lot of places to sit outside. Having a front porch is something that seems to have been lost for a long time.

It's a Queen Anne Victorian. One of the nice things is having a Victorian style home with all the modern day conveniences, such as big modern closets. Every house in the neighborhood is an individual.

The finish work sets off the house, the molding, which has obviously been thought out and highly finished. Instead of grabbing wood from a retail store and tacking it up, it has a real design to it. Architectural details are echoed throughout the house."
- Chip & Terri Roberson